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Reverse Osmosis System


12 Litre

Filter Group

15 Gradual

Permeate Water Conductivity

75 Scm

Permeate Water Turbidity

0,1 Ntu

Raw Water Conductivity

1.810 Scm

Raw Water Source

Well Water

Raw Water Turbidity

1 Ntu

Raw Water Turbidity

250 Degree

Ro Capacity

15 M3H



Tank Capacity

12 Litre

Treated Water Turbidity

7 Degree

Uf Capacity

19 M3H

Doping Products

Environment Water Treatment
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Waste-Water and Sea-Water Treatment Plant and Systems

Water purification systems, such as in factories instead of large-capacity network of water treatment systems. Waste water treatment systems, waste water, chemicals found in...

50 - 800000

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